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Ball on Tennis Court

Crooked Creek Tennis 

Our tennis program is run by the Crooked Creek Committee and serviced by Sceney Tennis. 


Adult Program

Open Drill classes are level specific with a focus on a shot/strategy and involve a combination of drilling and point play centered around the focus. Class will range between fast paced drills/games but at times slow down to incorporate instruction into the class. Regular balls are used for the duration of the class.

Junior Program

Students will learn to recognize each stroke in a rally situation and be able to set up and swing through the ball with proper technique. The goal is to consistently maintain a 6+ ball rally with other students and learn 10/U scoring options for USTA League.

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Crooked Creek participates in year round team competition, including ALTA/USTA Adult and Junior Teams

Tournament Play

Promoted to our junior players on a monthly basis to gain Georgia and Southern rankings.

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